Usages at various area like Animal Framing , Agriculture of Foresty, Grdening, Tea, Tobacco, Grap Garden, Wine brewing, Aquaculture, Storage etc.

Technical Specification

  • Auto Start/Stop after Installation any Place.
  • State at Sunset & on more than 6hrs.
  • Indicator like, On, Battery charging, Battery Discharge & Rain (Stop & Start after drying sensor.)
  • Area Coverage 1 to 1.5 Acer.
  • One year warranty against any Manufacturing defect, Please note that consumable not covered under warranty.
  • Battery change every 2 years for good backup.

Insects attracted like
Mosquito, Fly, Horsefly, True Bugs, Plant-hoppers, Shield Bugs, Cicadas, Aphids, Moths, Grasshoppers, Katy-kids, Locusts, Crickets, Sawflies etc....

Advantages & Features

  • Environment Friendly.
  • Wide range of Insects killed.
  • No Energy used.
  • No Fumigation / Spraying pesticides.
  • Save Expenses & Manpower.
  • Investment recovery is only one crop.