A 20x4 alphanumeric LCD to display status and settings.
Easy to understand menus and smooth navigation.
LEDs for easy analysis of activity.
Four general purpose output signals for driving external relays etc or cascading more than one controller.
High pulse rate of 50 KHz allows micro stepping usage and maintaining the high speed of motor.
Adjustable motor maximum speed.
For facile connections to external world signals, a provision for three opto isolated pulse inputs is given.
Maximum speed from motor can be attained due to smooth linear acceleration ramping.
Divide Circle in set numbers.
Cut to Length mode.
Configurable Gear-ratio and micro step setting.
Manual Jogging function with adjustable speed.
Move preset Degrees. Start/Stop on pulse input or Keypad button.
Continuous move at set speed.
Programmable for a sequence of 170 instructions.
Looping supported in program mode.
Terminal for connection to external Volume type Pot for continuous speed possible in "Continuous" mode.
Next move action on pulse input or Keypad button.